Recent university graduates or job seekers need to utilize the most useful tools out there to serve their career development needs, one of which is no secret: LinkedIn. As a University of Oregon graduate, now currently working as a freelance public relations specialist, I’ve investigated the most helpful strategies to connecting with potential clients and employers through the world’s largest online business network.

Kristin Colella, journalist for The Street, explains that taking a personal approach with your profile description will make you seem more relatable and approachable. In addition to professionally sharing your background and personality, Colella suggests incorporating buzzwords throughout your profile. This will drive traffic to your profile and will especially attract recruiters.


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Marcelle Yeager from U.S. News similarly recommends asking “three to five former colleagues for recommendations” to validate your proposed skills. Showcasing references ensuring your credibility with making you stand out. Connecting with industry folks by joining niche LinkedIn groups will further boost this aspect on your profile.

Optimize with Keywords – Use powerful buzzwords to attract potential employers and leave a strong first impression.

Focus on Skills – Highlight the relevant talents you have in your skills section, and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations to validate your credibility.

Update Routinely – Post status updates, articles, and interact with other folks at least once a week.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools to advance your budding career, and it’s never too early or too late to polish your profile into a stellar attention-grabber.