e5dfa1b7ef99e2acf223934d1fa095d7In the strategic communications course, students were assigned to create a public relations plan for the cosmetic care brand, Burt’s Bees. One of the first steps includes researching the industry environment and current public perceptions of Burt’s Bees to determine where the brand image can improve. The following is an operational environment piece, in which I analyze the present issues Burt’s Bees faces with its public image.
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In addition, my team won the award for the Best PR Plan, out of two classes and 12 completed plans all together. The following is the comprehensive plan we crafted over the 10-week course.
View Live Simply: Burt’s Bees Public Relations Plan

To wrap up our project at the end of the term, my team and I presented our plan in front of our class, simulating as if we were officially showcasing our suggestions to Burt’s Bees themselves. Our slides can be reviewed here:
View Live Simply: Presentation Slides