uofrowardFrom March until May 2015, I worked as a public relations coordinator for an Associated Students of the University of Oregon political campaign. Simultaneously running as the Vice Presidential candidate, I managed the social media for the student government campaign on a variety of channels. The following are screenshots of the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that I maintained throughout the two-week elections process.

SocialMedia_UOForwardWithin three days of launching the UO Forward official Facebook page, we had reached 1,000 likes. I published posts once to three times a day, educating people about the campaign and the ASUO elections.


At least one to three tweets were posted every day on the campaign Twitter. During the elections, we had over 60 followers, which later dropped after UO Forward had won the elections and the season ended. The tweets were oftentimes referenced by local press, including the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald.

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I gathered pictures and media featuring University of Oregon students involved in the UO Forward campaign and posted at least one Instagram every day. Photos were all chosen, edited and captioned by me. During the election season, the public profile garnered hundreds of page views and had over 400 followers. After the elections ended, the follower count dropped and activity ceased on the page, but this is a screenshot of how the Instagram remains one year later.

View Promotional Video

The above link redirects to a promotional video on Youtube I produced and directed for the UO Forward campaign. With the assistance of fellow journalism student, Shirley Chan, we created this video to spread awareness of the campaign.