Content Creation

Diving into my creativity to create stand-out original content isn’t just enjoyable, it brings a unique spotlight to an organization.


Writing: Writing has always been my biggest strength. From lifestyle blog posts to academic analyses to scientific research papers and even ghost-writing, I am at my best when my creative mind is flowing.

Copy-Editing: Beginning as a writing tutor and publication editor in high school, I expanded my editing support to the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism. There, I continued part-time work as an AP Style writing and resume tutor. In the past two years, I have copy-edited two books. Those skills never fade!

Photography: I have loved digital photography since I got my first camera at 13 years-old. In high school, I excelled in my AP Photography course. The City of Los Altos even presented me with a “Best Photo” Award for my work.

Graphic Design: I became familiar with Adobe Photoshop when I was 12 years-old; my passion for digital art started early. My skills with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign expanded as I worked as an editor for my high school’s newspaper, leading me to the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism to apply my graphic design abilities in various PR campaigns. In the past year, I have designed product packaging interns and a diverse range of marketing collateral.

Videography: I am familiar with videography from many years of experimenting with small projects. While I am currently without the tools of my own to independently expand this area of interest, I have a keen eye for directing and envisioning the creative strategy for any video a company would need.


  • Microsoft Suite
  • Google Suite
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Videography
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Canva

Work Examples



Graphic Design:


I’m available and open for content creation projects of any kind. Please reach out!



Interested in how we can advance a project together? I’d love to hear from you!