Human Resources

My interest for Human Resources ignited when I worked as the Vice President of the University of Oregon’s student government, as well as a peer counselor. In these roles, I recognized first-hand how imperative it is that team members are functioning at their best holistically in order to accomplish collective goals.

Within first greetings, most folks can sense how compassionate I am to the well-being of others. Rather than “turn off” this innate quality of mine in the workplace, I’ve seen how empathy truly serves and advances organization dynamics, so I’ve highlighted this part of me to in turn support the co-workers and team leads I work alongside.

After enough independent research and experience, I crafted an HR Director proposal to the start-up, Skyline Isolations. In June 2018, I was on-boarded as their first HR Director, establishing the foundations of their entire department.


Within my first month, I created a 30-page Employee Handbook, Accountability System, and secured all of our internal contracts. From there, I facilitated weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with employees to ensure everyone was getting their needs met and feeling fulfilled in their roles. Group meetings I led included creative team building exercises and conflict mediation.

Out of a 10-person team, I recruited six of those employees. Welcoming them to the Skyline team covered all on-boarding needs, such as negotiating and finalizing contracts, technical position training, scheduling, and task accountability.

Additionally, I performed administrative assistant duties to the CEO and COO to streamline our operations. This included organizing our internal systems for optimal utilization, such as databases and shared Google Suite structures.


While our budget for advanced HR software was limited, I am grateful to have gained experience with the following tools:

  • QuickBooks
  • MeisterTask
  • When I Work
  • LinkedIn Recruiting
  • Indeed Recruiting
  • Google Team Suite

I’m looking forward to learning more advanced operation systems more closely from my current HR-administrative courses and future HR opportunities.

Work Examples

To gain a clear perspective of my modern approach to HR, you are welcome to view my proposal deck.

I respect the confidentiality of my other HR work examples.


I am currently advancing my HR education online to excel in a progressive position that cultivates my talents. Additionally, I aim to earn my Life Coach credentials by December 2020 to further pursue my passions for human wellness development part-time. I am spirited to align my values & aspirations with a company that I believe in.



Interested in how we can advance an organization together? I’d love to hear from you!