Public Relations

Practicing public relations, in my experience, embodies the craft of strategic storytelling, manifested through details both in the public eye and behind the scenes.


With a natural skill for public relations, I excelled in my PR campaign classes at the University of Oregon’s Journalism School, a top #10 program in the United States. Earning Dean’s List honors and a Best PR Plan Award, all while working in a public-service role as the Vice President of the Student Government, I gained ample experience about how to strategically manage mass communications.


While the tools available to me depend on the budget of the campaign I am working with, I am grateful to have extensive experience with the following software:

  • Cision
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Google Analytics

Work Examples


I’m available to support PR campaigns in any capacity. Please feel welcome to reach out!



Interested in how we can advance an organization together? I’d love to hear from you!